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Stop-motion puppets, costumes and effects.



art & design

Puppet Eyes - Mermaids on Mars
Gilbert Still - Mermaids on Mars
The 3 Mermaids - Mermaids on Mars
Glaucus Puppet - Mermaids on Mars
Aquamarina Puppet - Mermaids on Mars
Henry Selick's The Shadow King
Production Still - The Shadow King
Hap Teeth - The Shadow King
Hap Puppet Face - The Shadow King
Production Still - The Delivery
The Girl Puppet - The Delivery
Heads of The Girl - The Delivery
The Girl in Progress - The Delivery
The Girl Eyes - The Delivery
Zombie Dog - The Delivery
Caterpillar Zombie - The Delivery
Production Still from the Delivery
Flaming Cheetos' Zombie-The Delivery
Zombie Skeleton - The Delivery
Wolfman Skeleton - The Delivery
The Girl on Set - The Delivery
Production Shot of The Girl - The Delivery
Painting Demo


I am currently accepting new freelance projects and commissions. To request a quote or for general questions regarding services, please use the contact info to the right.


Tel. 619-708-4618

San Francisco, CA. 

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Stop Motion Puppet Painting and Fabrication

Replacement Faces | Eyes | Head Cores | Features

  • Spike and Mike Documentary (In Production for 2018)

  • Mermaids on Mars, Athena Studios, 2015

  • Henry Selick's The Shadow King (Unfinished)

  • Cheetos' The Delivery, Athena Studios 2016

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